Penny Black Valentines: 6 ways 3 stamps

I am loving the chance to really get my hands on a paintbrush and just play with color! Color brings me joy to a gloomy Iowa afternoon, So I choose to focus on the joy of creating and painting! 

I thought This is a great season to focus on Love cards, I made these cards very open-ended so I have a valentines day card or a wedding card, or a thinking of you, or even a thank you, I had my dear friends in mind when I was creating these wonderful cards! 

This card was using the Fragrant floral stamp set by Penny Black, I heat embossed the flower stamp 4 times, it was worth it! Watercolored the flowers with a simple wash over the flowers, then later I glazed the flowers to give it more definition. I stamped Love never fails from Penny Black's faith stamp set onto vellum added some twine and called it good. It was a fun card to create! Worth the effort of stamping the flowers 4 times I think!

I got to be completely honest, I love scripture stamps, seriously I LOVE THEM! (could be because I teach a high school religion class.) Anytime I can use a scripture on a card and pair that watercolor, that makes me happy! Can't you see this as a wedding card? I was playing around with what blue and purple did with my new Qor watercolors, and I love the flow, reminds me of the dawn, where the sky is still dark and you can't quite see the sun coming up! 

I picked this Sweetheart PB. stamp up at my local scrapbook store Memory Bound and I am so glad I did, I enjoyed making these cards, I hope to send them to my "favorite" people when they need encouragement! A simple Gold embossing makes this stamped image the star, I did use some Kuretake watercolor for the blooms and wreath (loved the color combo.)  I used a Love you Die cut from Taylored Expressions gold foil card stock (my favorite) Simple and beautiful! I really liked how easy it was for this card to come together! 

Same Sweet Heart Penny Black Stamp, instead of coloring the wreath for an elegant look I did an expressive style wash and dropped in purple and pink pigment where I thought it needed it. then added the die cuts and the sequence to add some bling to the card! 

Here is the same way done with gold embossing, I sent this to one of my favorite people to brighten their day! I just love the simplicity of the gold embossing!

Of course, I had to save the best for last, this was done with the Penny Black Script font as the background, although I masked it so it didn't show inside the wreath, and then I stamped the Love one another from the Love sentiment stamp set from Penny Black. then watercolored the flowers. This to me is the perfect wedding card! Good thing I have a wedding coming up! 

I hope this can inspire you to make some Valentine's day cards, I can't wait to show you what I did with my kid's valentines, I believe that whenever possible kids should always make their own valentines, what else are they going to do on a cold yucky day? (not watch tv, they can art around with their momma!)  

My tip for when creating cards: Show up with a stamp and start embossing, I had a blank sheets and thought I will emboss these with white and gold embossing and see what comes of it, I am glad that I did, I realized that it's a real time saver when you have 6 panels already embossed so you can watercolor them! Wha Who! 

Don't you just love playing around in your creative space to see what you can make? I sure do!

Happy Creating!


Brusho's: My new favorite Pigment for cards

Are you like me and love to try new products out? I have watched others play with Brusho's all year last year and I wanted some for Christmas and Dear Mother In-law was sweet enough to buy me the 12 pack and I am loving them! So during the winter break, I made some panels for cards I started with white Heat embossing then let the magic work with the water and Brusho pigment powder, I know there are a bunch of fun things to do with them but for now, this is what I have done!  

I wanted to share with you a closeup, see all those specks? that's the texture that Brusho does when it' doesn't have a lot of water to make them "burst"

Gold embossing powder shows an elegance to anything you create, so although this stamp from Taylored Expressions was most likely meant for a "cute" valentines day card, this card in my mind's eye is perfect for those special occasions (anniversary, wedding, or telling that special someone how they make you feel.) I really think that Brusho's and gold heat embossing goes together. 

This card was used with a little bit of Brusho's and a lot of water, I didn't want too many specks in this card.I wanted the color to look fluid and loose.  To see more of my cards with the Mandala stamp that I love go here.

While I had my red, and orange and yellow Brusho's out I made this star background. Please tell me I am not the only one that stamps on the card panel with a background stamp without an idea? I am glad I did because I love this background to this card. Most often than not I save time by stamping a black image to my card base panel for a rainy day and then when I am able to have my "Artsy stuff out" Then it's no big deal to make a couple backgrounds! 

I loved the Brusho's with the Star Background from Taylored Expressions so much that I had to do one in blue tones, I a so glad I did! Makes for a really nice boy birthday card. 

Stamps that I used for this blog post: (not affiliated with any stamp company, and I buy local.)
Taylored Expressions: Brushstroke heart, Brushstroke Star, Mandala background 2, Hearts of Hearts, Frame Die Set 
Avery Elle, Scrip Sentiments
Penny Black Faith Sentiment

Mandala's are Super Trendy!!!

 may be a bit excited to share with you this stamp that I love!!!! It's a Taylored Expression stamp, you can use it for so many uses, these are the ones that I tried out. I love getting my hands and fingers inky and I never stop until I feel like I have used a lot of my mediums to see what I like best for each stamp. I call this my designer time to see what I like and don' t like! So sit back and relax and get inspired! 

For the Stamp up above I stamped and embossed the Mandala and then masked it and stamped and embossed the mandala a second time, to the colors I used a Tombow marker and just let the markers blend when I sprayed the pigment with water. I love how luminous it turned out! 

This was a great way to learn how certain watercolors worked with others, I really love how the purple and ultramarine mixed! If your looking for a great watercolor class This one is the best! I learned and am still learning from it! 

This one I inked the base card with worn lipstick, then clear heat embossed it then inked over it with Wilted Violet to get that contrast in the stamp. Then I stamped a sentiment from Penny Black's Faith Stamp Set. It works great for a card for a friend to just say hello! Then to pull it all together I used the Frame die set from Taylored Expression.

Have you Tried Brusho's yet? I am a huge fan of Brusho's they are Pigment Chrystals that activate when you add water, they are so fun to play with! I used yellow and orange for this background and am so glad I did! they are really vibrant and this card didn't need much of the color, so I added a simple Hello to show the rest of the art that comes with making cards. 

Another ombre wash after I stamped and heat embossed the Mandala! 

Gold Embossing is so trendy right now, and this stamp was begging to be a more girly card, When I see this stamp I am often reminded of a doily, so doilies were my inspiration for created this fluid watercolor card, Which again is explained very well in Angela Fehr's class on Creative Watercolor

Last but not least, this is a cute wedding card, with Starry colors to give it some glimmer and shine to it, makes for a beautiful card that the couple could display in their home with some wedding pictures, what a beautiful way to send and share some smiles! 

So I got to ask, I am always excited to get a new stamp and just play around with it, and it seems that the more I love stamps the more I am drawn to background stamps, which I think this is a background stamp... Why? 

A couple side notes, most everything was done with Taylored Expressions Dies, and Stamps, I am not affiliated with them, however I love the quality, and it helps that they have their studio and business in the same hometown that I live in, so Whenever I am in need of a good pick me up I go to the TE's Studio! Hah!  However I am affiliated with Angela Fehr, She is amazing and I am so blessed to be an advocate for her, she is a wonderful teacher and mentor! 

Happy Creating!

water color warm up trees

Learning watercolor is quite an adventure, I love it! I can't believe that I have been learning watercolor for the last 18 months! One key thing I like to do before I work on a "serious" painting is warm up, and I love warm-ups, it helps put my mind in the right place, and that place is: even if I mess up its just practice. When I have an attitude of playing around I am able to be true to my self and my style. and these two trees are two of my favorite paintings! 

This painting was with just 2 colors, Ultramarine blue, and Burnt Umber, mixed together you can get a lot of tones. This was a great warm up to a loose and fluid painting I did for my Angela's Ferh Class. This warm-up was inspired by Kateri Ewing, she has a wonderful class on theory for watercolorists on Craftsy, one of my favorite classes! She has a youtube channel where you can paint along with her on this tree painting, I learned a lot from this warm up, and felt peace while painting this! Thank you, Kateri! 

This painting was a "what if" painting and I loved how it turned out, I started with a warm-up of blue and raw sienna, and Mauve watercolor wash/ underpainting. Then every time I needed to "warm up" I would pick up this tree wash and start painting trees. I wasn't worried about if it looked right, I cared about the lines and color. and after a couple of weeks of just playing with this for about 10 minutes for a warm-up, I got this painting. Isn't watercolor amazing! I love Angela Fehr's advice on watercolor and painting loosely, she says to paint from her heart. Her tree class is amazing, and when you are able to get the basics down you can really start learning your style! 

If you want to learn more about learning expressive watercolor (Angela's Style) go here

I am an affiliate with Angela, so when you click on a link you are supporting my blog and my art. 

New inspiration

This January I was able to get into my art room and make some cute cards, I had no agenda other than using some stamps that I purchased at the Taylored Expression Studio when they had some Open shopping in December. I love spending some time playing around and getting some cute cards.  This blog post is all about what I was able to make with Taylored Expressions stamps. 

The Blessed stamp set caught my eye at TE's Studio and I had to have it. I had a friend that inspired me to do a Christian line of cards, so I am hoping to expand on that idea and make some beautiful watercolor cards with scriptures and uplifting quotes that you would keep to inspire your soul.

The Mandala Stamp is seriously one of my new all-time favorites, This technique was explained better by Taylor her self when I was in her studio needing some inspiration. these cards turned out nice, and I can't wait to try different color combinations with this stamp, seriously I can't wait to show other ideas on what to do with this stamp!!!

 I have had this balloon stamp set for about 4 months now, and I love it! the second generation and sometimes even third gen. stamping helps make the balloons look so neat! I made a couple cards like this for my boys, I have a need for lots of little boy cards. 

I am sharing these cards because I am a loyal Taylored Expressions fan, I volunteer for them at Stamp Joy, and love the atmosphere that they bring into their studio and projects.

My question to you, is are you a loyal customer to a crafting supply store, or company? if so why? 

 I can't wait to share more projects with you from their stamp sets. 

Happy Creating!

Blending Distress inks to add some color to stamped images

I am so excited to be one of the Guest Designers for the Penny Black Saturday Challenge! Thanks for stopping by! If you are new to my blog please feel free to look around, I love visitors! If you like what you see follow me and leave me a comment, I love meeting new people!

I recently took a class over at Craftsy on how to layer stencils, and stamps, and ink blending and I absolutely loved this class! Totally worth taking if you want to learn how to incorporate techniques into your cards! I thought I would share with you the three cards while playing and learning!

These cards were so fun to make with such a perfect stamp set from Penny Black's Fragrant Floral stamps. They reminded me of spring.  I also used Penny Black's vine stencil that I have fallen in love with! Then to add all the elements together I used the Penny Black script stamp to make them all work together. I would love to make a set of these as a card set and give them to my son's kindergarten teacher as a thank you gift for being such an amazing teacher to him! (we have the best teachers in Iowa!)

Each card was made with the
Fragrant floral stamp from Penny Black
Heartfelt Thanks, Stamp from Penny Black
Vine stencil from PB
TH Ink blending tool with these distress inks:
TH Wilted violet
TH Walnut stain,
TH Mustard seed
TH worn lipstick
TH peeled paint

The fun part about these cards is even if I tried to duplicate them they would not come out the same, my process was to stamp the image onto white cardstock and start blending ink onto the stamped image, then I added stenciling and stamping to the background to add texture and lines. I would consider this a 4 "stamped/inked" layered card.

My quick tip for these cards is to use ink that works together and won't create mud. Know what inks will work well with each other is really going to be your key to a successful card.For example, I love using peeled paint with walnut stain ink because you get this amazing natural dark green color. Really just blending two colors and playing with different colors will help you find those beautiful colors to make your cards look A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I know you have a favorite distress ink color combo that I don't know about! I would love to know your distress ink color combo?

Thanks again for stopping by, Keep it simple, keep it real!

Happy creating!

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