Iowa Watercolor Society Submissions for June and July's mini show

Spring in Margo Franklin State Park 9x6

Lupins 6x9
I just submitted two pieces for the Iowa Watercolor Society's Mini Show that will be at the Johnston's Library in July. (this may seem like not a big deal, but to me, it's the start of a journey I started 3 years ago when I picked up my first watercolor set.) Although this show isn't juried (meaning anyone who is a member can submit work,) this will be my first show where I have artwork as an Iowa Watercolor Society Member. So to me, it's a big deal. Want to meet me with my art? the Artist's reception is June 29, Opening day is June 1st!
OH and BTW I totally see my style as a painter, so watch out world, If I can see it in my mind's eye I will be painting it! (it's as simple and as hard as that!)

When intuitive painting meets watercolor, that is my happy place! 

Not familiar with "miniature shows? They are small paintings on display in a show, the finished piece can't be larger than 8x10 framed. So matted and framed can't be over 8x10! I like these small paintings, I think they are perfect for the novice, or student watercolorist to be able to show their work!

I also want to thank the local libraries that bring in art shows to their libraries, It's a wonderful way to share talents in the community. All the artwork that is sold during the show the artist gives back 10% to the library as a thank you for letting the Library show their work! 

so... even though these pieces are part of my heart, I get to "try" and sell them! I am sorta excited! 

Just Sentiment Round up Spring Edition

LOVE Watercolor and a simple sentiment as much as I do, then I have some Eye Candy for you! I have rounded up all the blog posts I have done with just stamped sentiments.

Spring Birthday cards Are a great time to paint and celebrate don't you think? Go Here for more information

Spring weddings are filled with beautiful blooms! Here are some of the cards I enjoyed making! 

Sympathy Cards are great for watercolor cards! Click Here for more info on how I painted these!

Friendship floral cards (my favorite to paint because they can be so open-ended!) Click here for more details! 

I love making encouraging cards, I love having them on hand for a friend that needs a smile! 
Click here for the info on how I created this card.

It's that time of year for Thank you Cards, these were some of my favorite flowers to paint and to pair with sentiments Click here for more details

I have really enjoyed this series, It's neat to be able to use your watercolor warm-ups, practices, and studies to make cards with. All you may need is a couple good sentiment sets and you have a beautiful card to give! Let's share the Joy!

Watercolor Basic Class on and my watercolor insights

I want to declare to the watercolor world, that I have found my style. I found it by doing the warm-ups, playing around with the basic techniques, and by painting how I feel.

It's funny when you take a step back and see how much growth you have made since you started painting It gives you a sense of peace and happiness!

I would consider me to be at a crossroads with my paintings. (I know I can be dramatic and I say this every so often.) I know how to use the techniques in Watercolor to my advantage, but I am still learning how to paint the way I see it in my mind, and even then there are those moments when I try to let the painting tell me what it needs, not the other way around. That can be a very intuitive and amazing process.

While I was thinking what all I wanted to paint, and do, I came across the fact that one of my favorite Watercolor teachers that helped me in my early first year of painting Kateri Ewing is going to be in our town for a watercolor workshop! I love her style and love her ability to paint the way she does. So after signing up for her workshop, I realized that I wanted to soak in all that she as to teach, so I went and bought a year subscription to and was on my way to prepare my self for her three-day workshop!

What I learned is that What works for some doesn't always work for all, Especially with color, I don't like using a limited pallet like I thought I would. Yes, I can mix color, and yes I can get the right shade, but I have been using the same pallet of paint for 2 years now and it's like well-worn pair of jeans as Kateri would say, It fits just right. My colors fit me. and I like using colors that have more paint properties than just a limited pallet.

I have learned for my self how much fun it is to paint one subject more than once. Painting in a realistic manner helps you learn your subject so when you want to paint loosely you know how and where you want the looseness to be at.

I wanted to say Thank you for MyBluePrint, and Kateri, her startup library class on watercolor was a great class, I learned that painting realistic and using masking fluid really help you to become a looser painter!

The pictures in this blog post are paintings I painted from her class in!

Just Sentiments: Love and marriage

This card came together so fast, I blinked and it was finished, and yet it's perfect and stunning for a wedding card. I love the painterly look and the elegance of a wedding feel. This is totally framed worthy!

My thoughts on this card: Keep all the sentiments you get, I don't use this sentiment from Penny Black too often, but when I do it is the perfect wedding sentiment!

Keep practicing! and cut/crop your paintings to make your paintings work for you! I paint on a daily basis, sometimes I love them enough to frame them or keep them, but most times the warm-ups I create are not anything I am going to keep, so I use them for my cards!

I challenge you to cut up and crop your warm-ups or your studies, you will feel joy when you can create a card to send! I like to think of it as Creativity is meant to be shared!

Floral stamp set with Blue Knight Rubber Stamps

Want to learn how I painted this beautiful background? I am sharing my secret in this tutorial!

I love using Qorr Watercolors with backgrounds, the granulation, and the beauty of the pigments work well for these type of cards!

At the moment I am also loving the floral Stamp from Blue Knight Rubber Stamps More Precious.

I would love to see if you made a floral background if so did you like it?

Just Sentiments: Sympathy watercolor cards

Painting Trees make me happy! I love these painterly tree studies, and they make great cards!  I love the loose and fluid look that these trees give off!

My thoughts on these cards:
I walk my dog every other day at a cemetery (it's not morbid at all, it's a beautiful place with lots of trees.) In fact, when I need inspiration for trees, I will go there for inspiration! So my mind naturally goes to trees when I think about a sympathy card.

I used Angela's Tree Clinic class to help me paint better trees. these are a fun study that I turned into a card!
Bellow is a youtube tutorial from her class that will help you get started:

Taylored Expressions Flip the Floral

I am loving this stamp, the sweet and simple cards that make me happy! Do you have a stamp like this! I am loving this new Idea of flip the floral, I have a couple stamps like this and I am loving the simplicity of these stamps!

Happy Creating!

Just Sentiments: Tulips, Friendship and mother's day card

My favorite spring flower is tulips. They are magical to me, I absolutely love tulips! So when I paint tulips I put my heart into the painting a little bit more than usual! As I was developing my style to paint tulips, I used a lot of paper to get it right. So with some of the good ones I used as card panels!                                                                                                                                                The sentiment is from Blue Knight Stamps, Designed by my friend Chris. (she has a great blog)  I also loved creating the group of tulips on your left, I took a picture of a group of tulips when I was in Pella IA, illustrated it using graphite paper and then copying that onto watercolor paper, and then painting the tulips in complementary colors!  ~ I really like a pen and ink look! I didn't use a sentiment for that card because it works perfectly as a stand-alone card! (I will use this for a mother's day card I think!)  

Do you have a flower that you love? I would love to see how you stylized it to make that flower yours! 

these cards were loosely adapted by the Lovely Loose Floral class Angela Fehr teaches. 

A look into my Watercolor Card process

Hello Friends and creatives!

I wanted to share this video for a long time, and I am so excited to share a bit of my process with you!

When I create, I often will stamp a bunch of card panels in an afternoon or morning, then when I get the "time" I will paint the card panel, that way I am using my time and resources wisely!

I hope this helps with your workflow!

Just Sentiments: Spring Floral Birthday

Sometimes when I paint, I keep it simple, and that makes me happy, both of these cards were from some studies that I painted a while ago before I found my style (which is just fine.) Styles evolve right?  After going through my stash of paintings I found these two paintings that caught my eyes.
The sentiments I used are ones that I myself designed (I am so lucky and blessed to have designed some sentiments for Blue Knight Rubber Stamps.)  I used these ones because I wanted a more sophisticated look, You know me, I love an elegant look to my cards! I love using my studies to turn into cards because all you need is a good sentiment (you can find them everywhere!)

anyways, I would like to challenge you, if you have some watercolor studies that you have been holding on too, make them into cards and give them to your friends! You will make someone smile with your art! 

Just Sentiment: Encouraging

I admit I love a loose and carefree style of painting. This card panel makes my heart sing! I love the colors and the flow of the composition. I liked the process of just painting how I felt in the moment. This study was adapted from one of the many exercises from Paint yourself Calm by the amazing Jean Haines. (look for more of the work that has inspired me)

The sentiment is from Penny Black, I love their sentiments!

How often do you just paint to play with color? If you are like me, as a novice watercolorist, I crave color in my life! So I play with color combo's all the time! I find it really interesting that a simple color study can produce a beautiful card!  My plan is to save this for a friend that needs some encouragement!

Just sentiments Thank you Cards

Fresh Spring Floral cards make me happy! These cute sentiments came from Penny Black, The flower was an intuitive flower I painted with some Windsor and Newton watercolor. Both of these cards came together nicely. 

Thank you cards are one of my favorite ways to let someone know I am thinking of them. I have more Thank you sentiments than I know what to do with, and I like it that way! Do you have a favorite sentiment for thank you cards? I would love to see it! 

Thanks for joining me today! and Happy Creating!

If you like painting flowers but need a good class in watercolor I recommend both of Angela's watercolor floral classes! They are amazing and I love the content in them!

Lovely Loose florals

Color-drenched florals 

Just Sentiments- Time to Celebrate

Sometimes I need an open-ended card, you know those cards that could be a birthday card, or a wedding card, or maybe a card to give to a friend that accomplished something hard like raising a family and graduating from post Grad school!? Right? how do you get that open-ended card?

Although I am all about creating the one card that will fit well with your receiver, it doesn't always happen so well!

Let me walk you through this process of creating an open-ended card for a loved one:

1. I have a daily painting practice of warming up and playing with my colors. In this case, I used Rose of Ultramarine from Daniel Smith. It's a new color that has intrigued me for a long time so I bought it and played with it! I like painting big (on a 9x12 watercolor paper) cut it down to size for an A2 card size (5.5x4.25)

2. Choosing the sentiment was a no brainer, I got out my Penny Black sentiments and found one that gave enough room for the rose to be the center of attention without feeling like it was suffocating with a sentiment. I knew I needed a small one that would work well with this style of rose.

3. Know your strengths as a card maker. I know that I like to make cards that are elegant, I thought for a long time I would never get that look, and I am happy to declare that I know I make elegant looking cards. I can't help it! It makes my heart happy! When you know your style open-ended cards can come easier than forcing it to look that way!

This Card was a study I painted by the Lovely Loose Floral class Angela Fehr teaches. 
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