Visions of Country life watercolor style with Blue Knight Stamps

Country Life Stamps from Blue Knight Stamps

Bank Barn

SilhouetteGrazing Horse
Dirt Road stamp from Blue Knight Stamps
Silhouette Sailboat

 I have always had a soft spot for country life, both sides of my family, and my husband's family have lived in Rural Iowa raising crops and animals on family-owned farms. Country life is always romanticized in my mind's eye. So when I saw Blue Knight Stamps had some really amazing country style stamps that would be perfect for me to watercolor, I was in love! I can't get enough of stamping and water coloring these stamps! BTW: my Grandmother-in-law Velma Christensentensen was born and raised on a family farm, before she passed away, she and her siblings were awards with a Century family owned a farm in western Iowa. It was really neat to witness my Father-in-law be there to accept that award on her behalf... it's a hard thing to have a family-owned farm for over 100 years!

Country Life Stamp from Blue Knight Stamps
Anyways... I love a good stamp I can watercolor.

First insight into this batch of cards I made:
Keep it Simple.  When it comes to making art, I have to look at the card as a whole and think, what does this piece/card really need? Most often than not, it's the simple things that make the card speak to your heart. So I kept it fairly simple, I wanted the illustration/stamp to be the center stage, I wanted to color to magnify the stamp, not the other way around.

Then once I figured out a color scheme, and color combo, it was just taking the time to paint the cards, I painted most of them in an afternoon. It was a very peaceful and magical afternoon, I loved playing with colors, and lines.

Silhouette Grazing Horse from Blue Knight Stamps

Once the watercolor dried, Then I came back and examined what the card panel really needed. I used a die cut frame from Taylored Expressions to frame some of the stamped panels, and then went to my paper stash and added an extra layer to make the painting/panel pop. I didn't want to add too much, I wanted the stamp to be the focal point, almost as if the color was just there to enhance the card. Any extra thing I thought would distract from the stamped image.

Country Life Stamp
Each stamp was stamped with Archival ink in jet black ink with a MISTI, on mixed media paper from Strathmore. It's my new go-to substrate for stamping. I love it!
Here is a tutorial on how I painted the Country Life stamp

I hope to get you more tutorials on each card, so follow me on FaceBook of coming back to my blog to check out how I made each card. 

Bank Barn with Bible Verse 2 from Blue Knight Stamps

List of stamps used from Blue Knight Stamps:
Bible Verses 2
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Words of Faith Card Set with Gold Embossing and Brusho's

Sometimes a stamp set comes along that you know instantly that you have to buy them- HAVE TO! This sentiment set was one of those sets. Pair that with the background stamp set from Taylored Expressions and you have a beautiful card to add watercolor too... or in my case, it was Brusho's. I am so glad I did, they turned out beautiful!

It truly was a three-step process:
1. stamp and gold emboss the background stamp
2. stamp and gold emboss the words of faith sentiment in the middle of the card.
3. apply brusho's or watercolor to your card.  I wet my gold embossed panel, all of it, then sprinkled brusho's on it. If you use watercolor I would use a variegated wash.
Repeat for the next 3 cards, then I mounted the dried panel onto a white card base, I felt like the white was enough to matt the card panel.
With the two-toned panel, I used two color friendly colors and was strategic where I wanted the purple and red to go. It looks amazing how they blended!

 Here is the completed set, It was truly a fun card to make, The stamps made it really fun to heat emboss, I love watching the powder melt!
 I wanted to show you the unique texture and depth that Brusho's give, I got the 12 color set for Christmas and love them for Art Journaling, and card making. I can't wait to share with you more projects made with Brusho's if you are looking for a loose or unique look this may be the product you have been searching for!

I can see these cards being great for a confirmation, or Baptism, Wedding, or an encouraging card from a dear friend. Whatever the occasion is this card set is perfect!

Happy Creating

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Trending: Floral Friendship Cards

I love encouraging cards, I seem to never have enough in this chaotic world, and if there is one thing I wish for is that there would be more love and kindness in the world. So... I had to make some floral encouraging cards to convey how I feel. 

These stamps are all from Penny Black, I love how the stamp and the sentiments work so well together.

Materials I used for these cards:
~Hot press Fluid watercolor paper (the best for stamping multiple layers.)
~Misti stamp positioner
~Flower pageant stamp set by Penny Black
sentiments from Penny Black (the faith one, and love set)
~Archival ink for the sentiments (brown or black)
~Tombow Bright Marker set
~Watercolor medium size brushes, or a water brush
Cardstock of your choice to use as a mat

For each card, I started with stamping the sentiment first. Then I added the flowers around the sentiment. It works best this way, that way you have room for the sentiment to breath. Sometimes when you are stamping you want to stamp the focal point first, so stamp the sentiment first.

 As far as the background goes, I added some a touch fo yellow or blue, to make the white background not so stark. Also, I love using Archival ink for the sentiment, it won't bleed and it stays put.

If you are looking to learn how to get this technique look at penny black's videos to help you learn, this was how I taught myself, along with lots of time, once you get the technique down it's easy... but I will say it does take practice.  Bellow is a tutorial that has helped me... there are also some really good tutorials from others on how to achieve this look.

I also want to say Thank you to Fluid Watercolor Paper from Global Art Materials from Kansas City for supplying the watercolor paper. I stamped this on their hot press watercolor paper and am loving how smooth it was to paint on. I love the thickness of it and how easy it was to get the desired watercolor effect of adding some water to the pigment to make the water look more fluid once it was dried. Truly one of my favorite watercolor paper to stamp and watercolor on!

Have you made cards with Penny Black brushstroke stamps? Are they fun to use, or do you have a hard time with them? I have taught three classes at my local scrapbook store and feel that there is a love-hate relationship with these stamps... if you have any questions I would love to help answer them for you, just leave your comment below and I will try really hard to answer them for you!

Happy Creating!

Puddle Ducks with watercolor crayons

 I love a good stamp that tells a story, this Puddle Ducks stamp by stampendous is amazing for telling a story! I had to use the Taylored Expressions sentiment from Wonderful World to complete this card. Yes I know it's simple, here's why: when stamps tell a story or convey a message you don't need to much fluff. Since I know a lot of mothers that have three children, including myself, I thought this is perfect for all the momma's out there! Life is beautiful, and since mother's day is coming this is perfect for those friends!
I used artist quality watercolor crayons, they are really great at layering color, I find that watercolor crayons are really fun to work with if you are in need of a good tutorial I have one on my Facebook page.

I also want to say Thank you to Fluid Watercolor Paper from Global Art Materials from Kansas City for supplying the watercolor paper. I stamped this on their hot press watercolor paper and am loving how smooth it was to paint on. I love the thickness of it and how easy it was to get the desired watercolor effect of adding some water to the pigment to make the water look more fluid once it was dried. Truly one of my favorite watercolor paper to stamp and watercolor on!

Happy Creating!

Paint your Self Calm with Jean Haines

I am loving the loose and fluid look that I am experimenting with. This landscape was one of those paintings that made me giddy when I was painting it. Thanks to Jean Haines Paint Yourself Calm, it's a great book and even better to get to learn her process. It's during this spring that I am finding my voice in watercolor and I am loving it! 

the first stage of the painting
This Daffadill painting and the poppy painting is an excercize from Paint Your Self Calm, it' has truly opened my eyes to lots of new loose and fluid techniques you can use in watercolor that I am just loving! 

On my own, I thought I would try to do some paintings that were inspired by the book. 

This floral painting was mostly done with negative painting, which I am so glad Jean touched on in her book, it is helping me see how to utilize negative painting. 

Loose landscapes are my new favorite to experiment with. This painting is very intuitive and from my imagination. This scene comes from when driving down country roads in rural Iowa.

This painting is loosely based on an exercise in Paint your self-calm. It was fun to just "throw" paint down and see what happens, of course, I had a plan in mind but wanted to let the water decide how the painting was going to go. I love how it turned out! 

That is what I have been up to this month, lots of new and fun things happening with Maydreamrose, I can't wait to share with you some of my favorite stamps I have gotten, and some new watercolors I am dreaming up, my next watercolor that I am working on is a bluebell field, and I am in the beginning process of developing that painting. I hope to have it done and submitted to get into the Iowa State Fair. Submission dates for that is June 1st... So I better get to working on it! Here is a picture of the field, that literally took my breath away! Of course, pictures never do it justice, but for me this place was a magical place full of color and textures, it was just beautiful! 

Happy Creating!

Watercolor card ideas to inspire

  Practice painting (painting for the pure joy of it) is always a great way for me to lose myself in my paintings. Sometimes what Artists and creatives really need is more time to just get lost in a painting. These cards are by-products of this process. Let me explain:  There is always a new way to learn how to paint just about anything! These cards quite simply are some loose sketch paintings I have done that I didn't love as a painting, sometimes it was just practice or something I didn't like about the whole painting but I liked a part of the painting to be on a card... you know the whole waste not, want not theory.  And why through away a good part of a painting?

For this flower card, I was practicing my florals in the Floral Drenched watercolor class from Angela Fehr, I was painting on a big piece of watercolor paper, with about three different other flowers, this flower I loved enough to use as a card. I framed it with black cardstock using a Fame Die from Taylored Expression and then I stamped a sentiment, simple, sweet, quick, just the way I like it! 
 This Tree card was the same way, I was practicing painting trees last summer, and kept this practice tree, I needed a masculine card, this tree painting was the answer. I especially loved having the brown embossing paper to add to the elegance of the card.  I think the hardest part of using practice subjects on a card is cutting it down to size, With that in mind if you cut your paper to the size of a card panel, (A2 4x5.25) it's easier to turn your practice subjects into a card. Or if you are like me I am not always looking to make my practice subjects into cards, then it's a matter of cropping where it makes the most sense.

One lesson I have learned is never to throw away paintings. This card came from a painting I didn't love, and a die cut from my Silhouette that I didn't love, but once I saw those two together it made sense in my mind to "marry" them and create a card. This card was an easy one to create after looking through my stash of unused dies and watercolor paintings. No, the painting didn't scream at me when I cut it up! Hah! 

  These two cards are from the same watercolor painting, but as a whole, I didn't like it. So I took one of the Taylored Expressions frames die set and found a spot on the watercolor painting that worked well. It was just abstract enough that you could tell it was a floral, with all the right colors, (I love color harmony) That to me it worked. I also used a Taylored Expression sentiment for the Hello friend. These cards came together nicely, and fairly quickly.

If you want to learn more about how to use watercolor in your cards I highly recommend the Watercolor for creatives

I am an affiliate with Angela Fehr, when you click and buy a class with her I get a small percentage of that sale to help support my blog. 
Happy Creating! 

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