Blue Knight stamps Blue Bird

For those who serve cards with stamps from Blue Knight Stamps

I love a quick card I can paint and enjoy the process, these stamps let me have my creative freedom while having the stamp do all the work! (my kind of stamp for sure)

Quick notes about these cards:

When you need to keep your whites white- like in the flag- I use watercolor pencils.

Don't underestimate the power of what two stamps can do together!

when painting water, the hardest and most enjoyable thing is to enjoy watching the water run on the paper! Let the water do all the work!

Smile while painting, and enjoy the process!

Taylored Expression watercolor Blooming background

Hello Watercolor card friends!

I am so excited to share with you some of the ways I use watercolor!

Some note on wet into wet watercolor

1. It does not stay in the lines. It's okay for it to bleed, that is what a wet into wet painting should look like, which leads into:

2. Let the pigment blend on the paper. If you're asking what does that even mean, you're on the right path. what I mean is that when you let the natural colors blend together you get an organic effect that you can't "reproduce".

3. using a resist (I like using heat embossing) helps me contain the watercolor. Meaning it contains the color to the shape so you as the artist don't have to worry too much if a color is bleeding out.

Finally... This Birthday card is going to Taylored Expressions studio for their card donation "wall"

Beginer Watercolor Seris: Painting edges with watercolor

Want to start somewhere with watercolor? I am showing you how I like to play and help you understand some watercolor techniques that I use every day to help me paint better!

In this video, I define what hard edges and soft edges are in watercolor, and by understanding your edges in watercolor you can make your cards and paintings much more interesting!

I love teaching techniques, this video is a bit different, I am showing you how to just play with your colors and lines.

Dragon Mixed media Blue Knight Stamps

I have the perfect Dragon Valentines day card for any little boy! I love this stamp, it's great for birthday boy cards as well! All you really need is Watercolor and Prisma pencils, along with this stamp!

Do you have a favorite Valentine's day stamp that is also great for other uses? I would love to hear from you what it is! it' so fun to work with stamps and find multiple ways to use it!

Happy Painting!

painting Island LightHouse at night

Painting light may seem intimidating, but I have some tricks that will make it look like you are an artist!

My notes:

Watercolor is translucent, so if you put down yellow, then put down blue, you're going to get a muddy looking green in your sky. To avoid that, you need a bit of a small white buffer between your blue and your yellow.

To do that:

1. paint and let the yellow (light) dry first, remember you don't want a hard edge. you want the yellow to fade into the white of the paper. 

2. Once the light (yellow) is dry, add your night sky. I like to start farthest away from the light and move in. when you get to the light (yellow) make sure there are no hard lines, and make sure you are leaving just a bit of white so you don't accidentally over paint onto the yellow.

3. WALK AWAY! seriously, put that brush down, walk away, clean up your crafty mess, read to your child, make supper, find something to do to not touch or mess with it until it dries!

It really is that simple!

Materials used:
Hobby Lobby Watercolor 140 lb paper cut to 5.5x4.25

Blue Knight Rubberstamps Island Lighthouse
Prima Watercolor Decadent Pie Pallet
Size 6 round simply Simmon brush

Happy Painting!

I learned how to paint light in Angela Fehr's Sky clinic class, I learned so much about how to paint light (the sun)

Want to learn more about how to paint fearlessly like me? I am a self-taught Artist, I started an in-depth watercolor series 18 months ago, my teacher and mentor Angela Fehr has helped me Paint how I feel.
I recommend all of her classes (I am her watercolor university student and Mastery student.)

Check out Angela's free watercolor Jumpstart class It's worth it!
I love her Watercolor Card class

Paint with me: Rainbow and Unicorn Blue Knight Stamps

I am really stoked that I found a way to make a magical card for my daughter and all of her friends in about 10 minutes.

Using watercolor to paint a rainbow just makes sense, so when you add pearl colors (shimmery gorgeous goodness) It becomes magical! You can also use regular watercolors, it's just super fun to paint with pearl colors for this card!

As always Thank you for supporting my blog, and I can't wait to see what you have created!

Class Review: Angela Fehr Watercolor Work out

Prairie Grass- inspired by an intuitive painting session from my warm-ups.

You know that excitement that comes when you start something new or start something you have been missing? That is how I feel when I dig deeper and stretch myself with watercolor. In less than a month I (you too) have an opportunity to paint alongside Angela Fehr in her Watercolor Workshop class! I loved taking this class, and I hope to learn more of the mastery techniques that she has shown in this class. If you had taken her Lovely Loose Floral class in the early fall it looks like it will be very similar to that, with daily check-ins and lots of great critiques. I just want to shout out that IT'S GREAT TO BE A SELF TAUGHT ARTIST! Thank you, Angela, for being so dedicated to teaching watercolor to your students! Really, it means a lot to me, and to other students that are on your Watercolor Mastery. 
The Plein Air piece that made it into the gallery during the Plein Air Art Festival

Enough of me going on about how excited I am about this interactive watercolor workshop starting February 4th, I think she picked the PERFECT time when everyone is going a bit stir crazy from being inside all winter long right?  

Here are some of the Highlights that I have taken away from the class that has helped me become a better painter:

1. There are 9 lessons, unlike most of her classes, she isn't building on paintings. The 9 different lessons to help you learn what your style is. That makes me happy, Sometimes I need to be pushed with different ways of painting, and trying new watercolor mediums to develop more as an artist. 

2. The Plein Air Section helped me understand what Plein Air was and wasn't. I am so glad I tried Plein Air, and I loved it so much that her lesson pushed me to be involved in our local Plein Air festival. 

Plein Air piece that I loved painting.
3. Recreating a work from the masters helps us understand composition and value, the work is already done for you, you just get to play with how you would paint it to help you develop your style. This lesson goes great with the book how to steal like an artist by Austin Kleon. Good stuff! (you won't find my masters painting examples here, It's harder than I thought. But this time around I will focus on Georgia Okeefe, Maybe a Matisse. I have my favorite Artists, it depends on my mood on what I want to paint. (who knows I may surprise my self and do something with animals.)
Memory swept landscape Inspired by all those roads in Rural Iowa in the summer!

4. Creating a Landscape Painting from Memory. This was where I shined the most, I had so much fun painting from memory. I love what Angela said "that your mind filters out the important things, those are the things you should focus on" Those details are what stood out in your mind, and that is what you as an artist picked up.  Reference photos are great, but using your mind and artistic abilities has so much more merit than relying on a reference photo.  
using your warm-ups for card panels! (Taylored Expressions Stamp)

5. Keep your paintings. Mixed Media is another art form you can do with your not so good paintings. I have tons of them that now when I am in a funk and need to play for art sake, I get out my old paintings that didn't amount to anything and do some mixed media stuff to them. Like using stamps to add a background, or using ink to add lines and movement to my painting. Nothing is off limits! 

sketch for a landscape painting I am working on
6. Last but not least (there was so much I have learned from this class) is that when you start your painting session it's imperative to play with your watercolors. USE YOUR SKETCHBOOK.  I don't think she screamed it, but the fact that we need to warm up before we do any serious fun painting should be after we warmed up and feel like painting, Paint once you are in the mindset of leaving the world/ your troubles behind you. 

As always her lessons make you feel empowered, and that is huge for a stay at home mom artist! Big Thank you, Angela! 

Available to anyone who wants to learn more about watercolor 

By clicking on the links you are supporting my blog. I am an affiliate with Angela Fehr, Thank you for your support!

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