Ways I am learning to become my favorite artist:

Have you found your Style yet? I think I have...

At the end of Angela's interactive Watercolor class, she challenged us to... Find our watercolor workout routine.

I liken it to a gym where you are able to work out your creative muscles. (I got that from a jean Haines book, World of Watercolor) from Angela's reading recommendation.

 I am, at a Cross Roads. Angela mentioned she was impressed with the piece I shared on her class forum. And said, Isn't it nice to have found your style? I am on to bigger and better things than just "learning" the techniques at this point.  Although there is always more to learn, and I am always learning watercolor! A HUGE TURNING POINT FOR ME!

Recycling an old painting.!
As a way to build my skills and paint how I want to and how I feel, I want to share with you my watercolor workout routine, catered to me! (eventually, you find your routine too!)

1. Play with your colors, play with washes, and line. But come into your painting session ready to play and learn about color.

2. Use old paintings to learn from:  There are two schools of thoughts about this. 1. use your old paintings and draw on them with pen and ink, use sharpies, or ink to draw lines. When I did that, the paintings came a live and I felt like I was releasing my own creativity! the 2nd part is repainted the same thing over and over. I have a mental picture of a grove of trees in my mind. It's in early May, spring was evident. I don't need the reference photo since I remember it so well in my mind, I got the composition planned out now I just have to keep painting it, big and small, in different color schemes to see what way I like it best.

3. TRUST THE PROCESS. Ok, this is more of a mindset to help you continue in your watercolor journey, but it's a powerful statement that catapulted me into a watercolor study. TRUST your heart that it is telling you to go and do!

4. The power of Washes. Yes, when you don't know what to paint, or even if you have an idea of what to paint you can start with a color or a line, and that will spark a painting, or at least an idea.
Trust the process, let your heart be your guide.

5. Smile or Cry while you paint. One of my most emotional painting experiences while on this Watercolor self-discovery course was painting from my heart. I wanted to give my Grandma something wonderful that I created for my grandpa's funeral. So I let the emotions take me where I needed to go while painting a floral piece for her. It had a lot of emotion in that painting. It was beautiful! I cherish that experience and am grateful for my Montra: Creativity is meant to be shared with the world. Sharing your story, or your feelings from your heart does make or break a painting.

I love that Angela has so much knowledge to help me and her watercolor students find their own style and find what makes their heart sing.

Here are some other paintings that have helped shaped my style. With the corresponding lesson associated with it. You may want to visit Angela's classes she has her watercolor mastery class starting April 12, 2019. I highly recommend Watercolor Mastery if you are wanting to learn more about how to become your favorite artist!

recreating a painting from a Master (love this and learned so much!)

rainswept landscape from memory A really fun lesson!

Self Portrait lesson (I secretly loved this lesson)

sketching with watercolor pencils lesson

keep it simple, see what happens lesson

washes with negative painting 

playing with color and line.

 As you can see I am really enjoying the process of playing around with watercolor, and it brings me a sense of joy and peace in my life but also in my family's lives as well.

If you want to find your style, find who you are again, I recommend taking Angela's Watercolor Mastery class. all skill levels are there, I love it because it's interactive, You can ask questions and Angela will respond if needed.

Or sign up for Angela's free class to see if her style fits how you would like to paint someday.

Give yourself a watercolor class that will stay in your heart forever, she is one of the best watercolor teachers online, I love how much I have learned and trusted in the process of making art! Thanks' Angela for that!

~Affliated with Angela Fehr, when you click on the links you are supporting my blog and my art.~

Resting Fox with Blue Knight Stamps

Thank you for participating in Blue Knight Rubber Stamps first ever blog hop!
A special thank you to all of our designers who made such beautiful cards!
Now... the winners are...
Ionabunny and Thankful Grandma!
Head over to Blue Knight Stamps Facebook Page and Message them that you won! 

On a different note, what a week! and yet we still have more new stamps that we are equally excited about. This one is one of my favorite stamps, I love the expression of this fox, and I love that the fox is cute in a realistic way! It was so fun to play around and see how to color this, I am using Prima Marketing watercolor (Decadent pallet) and using watercolor values (darks and lights to make the fox stand out a bit!)

I love when a beautiful stamp can make a card easy to paint and it's so fun to play with the colors!

In this video, I talk a bit about Value, and why I chose to make the fox lighter than the tree. Watch the video to understand my thought process, and let me know what you think, do you like that the fox is a bit lighter than the tree?

If you are not familiar with Blue Knight Stamps (the stamp I am using with this adorable fox) You are not the only one. Blue Knight Rubber Stamps is a new company that has amazing beautiful scenic and realistic stamps that I find very endearing!

~ Happy painting and creating!~
Lisa Christensen

Wildflower foundness for spring birthdays

I love when you can use a stamp in lots of different ways, this wildflower stamp will have you inspired from the time you start stamping with it till you are done making lots of birthday cards. It has a timeless and elegant feel to it that makes stamping irresistible! You know it's a good stamp when I can make lots of different cards with it right?!!!

 Birthday cards are a lot of fun to create, what I love about this one is that all I had to do was to stamp the image 4 different times (in the corners) at different angles and I got a really elegant card. I added a wash of watercolor and was on my way to layer a sentiment and that is really all this card needed. But I had to go a bit further with the next one.

To take this stamp and this card one step further, I added gold embossing and did a simple orange and gold wash, the gold has mica flakes, So it adds another element of shimmer to an already elegant card. 

And to show off some of the beautiful line work this stamp has to offer I did a side border (or at least that is what I am calling when I stamp just one side of a card panel)

I like stamping just on one side of the card so that way I have space for a sentiment. 

And if you are just wanting to see what the stamp actually looks like without all the "fancy" stamping I have done. Here is a card where I just watercolored the stamped image.

So there are just some of the fun things I like to do with a floral stamp, You could easily make these into a wedding card, or a wedding invitation with this stamp!
Happy Creating!

BTW, I am entering this into the Stamping Sensations Challenge!

New Realse for Blue Knight Rubber Stamps

Happy Hello,

Here are some of the projects I have made with Blue Knight Rubber Stamps that I am loving at the moment!

One of my new favorite stamps that I will be creating a lot with is the Resting Fox. The stamp is great for all the fun watercolor backgrounds!

I am loving the colors and the feel of this Scenic Overlook, I have already art journaled this into a more moodier page journal, But this makes for a really fun stamped image to color! I used Qorr Watercolor, nothing much just a simple ultramarine blue, cobalt blue and some green gold and brown. 

The Avenue stamp is near and dear to my heart, I walk on a trail by my house that looks like this, and I just love walking on it to see all the changes that happen from week to week. Because the trail change so much from week to week I thought using brushos would help create a feeling of change and movement in the trees and grass, I think it did the trick perfectly!

A close up of what the Brushos do! (it makes my heart sing!)

This is my favorite scenic stamp so far from Blue Knight Rubber Stamps, Willow Lake is a timeless stamp that will be in my stamp collection forever! 

My next blog post will be all on the floral stamp that has me in love with wildflowers! 

Happy Creating! 

Oh, and btw, I am part of a blog hop all week long, here are some of the other design team members info so you can see what they have been creating so far too!

Chris O’Malley
Also on Facebook at Purple Lake Stamps
email: chris@purplelakestamps.com

Lisa Christensen (me)

Scenic Willow Lake: a watercolorist's dream to paint!

A happy hello!

I am so excited to be part of the Blue Knight Rubber Stamps Design Team new release Blog Hop!

Along with this blog hop, Blue Knight Stamps is giving away a stamp, to win comment on this blog post and the other blog posts to win!

I love scenic stamps, Lynn Anderson (owner of BKS) let me create with her New Willow stamp she had designed by Kelli Emig.  This stamp doesn't disappoint I made a tutorial on how I like to paint this stamp.

I enjoy being on Blue Knight Stamps Blog Hop, yesterday Chris had an amazing card tutorial with the new Coffe stamp With an amazing Coffe background ( you won't want to miss that)

Here are the links to the other artists that are participating!

Chris O’Malley
Also on Facebook at Purple Lake Stamps
email: chris@purplelakestamps.com
Tuesday: You Are HERE!
Lisa Christensen
Lynn Anderson
Facebook at Blue Knight Rubber Stamps
If you missed it Michelle featured stamps on her blog all week
Blog: https://bellissimacards.blogspot.com/
Here is a sneak peek to my next tutorial! (I am loving this little fox!) Also from Blue Knight Stamps!

Playing with Brushos

Have you had a chance to really just play with a medium (paint) your not sure about but want to start. I am sharing my ways of playing with brushos with stamps that just make an incredible art journal, or card. I really had fun stamping and playing around with brushos that I had to share!  (never mind the fact that I called the STAG a moose the whole time I was filming this. (my husband makes fun of me all the time when I see something with big antlers and I call it a moose. (it literally could be a ram) lol I blame it on my artistic brain taking over my logical brain. It's a real thing you know!

Controlling Brushos Using Blue Knight Stamps

I can't tell you how excited I am to share with you how I have found a way to control Brusho's! Water. WATER is the key, as it is with all watercolor water is the key to keeping the color where you want it go. I love how the water leads the pigment to where you want it to go. This technique works for more than just these stamps, I also like this for flora cards too! I would love to see what you have done with Brushos!

Check out those Stamps here! 

Keep painting, and creating!

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