5 minute stencil card

Watercolor paper cut to 4.25x5.5
Repositionable adhesive
Craft matt
Scribble sticks (I LOVE THEM, shh.... better than any water-soluble crayon aka distress crayons)
Spray bottle with water
Cup of water for watercolor
Tim Holtz flower stencil
Tim Holtz Grid Dot layering stencil
Clear or white embossing ink (I used VersaMark)
White embossing powder
Baby wipes
Mounting tape, or foam tape
A2 card base.
Medium round brush, I like a mop brush for this, but any medium round brush will work.

Start by adding just an inch of repositionable adhesive to the back of the watercolor paper, stick this to the craft mat This helps you not get extra fingerprints on the card panel.

Add your pigment to the card, I used the green, blue and yellow and orange tones for a summer day feel. Scribble onto your panel in a horizontal fashion making sure you overlap the colors for a blending effect. Once you are happy with the colors, spray lightly over your paper and use your wet brush to move the colors to the way you like it.

Dry the panel with a heat tool, don’t get it too close, the scribble sticks don’t like the heat too close and it will bubble up. At this time if you need to take the paper off of the mat that is all right.

Once dry take the flower stencil and stencil the card with VersaMark ink or embossing ink, remove the stencil, and cover the inked surface with the white embossing powder. Heat set the white embossing powder.

Then with the square pattern stencil take a baby wipe and take away some of the pigment, don’t scrub too hard, gently go over parts of the stencil, I like to use my index finger with a light touch and go into the spots that I want the pigment to be removed. The point of this is to add texture, not to have the whole stencil showing.

Add your die cut, and mount the panel on an A2 card base.

Other Cards I have made with the same stencil:

same technique with just one color instead of three colors. 

this I just used a stencil and used color choices to enhance the flowers and leaves. 
you can use watercolor to make some beautiful cards!

How to learn more If you are like me and always love to learn more about watercolor cards there are two classes that I recommend you take:
Angela Fehr's Creative Watercolor class: This is a great class for anyone that wants to add watercolor to cards, art journaling, and Calligraphers.  This link will get you 20% off the class I am in the works of making a review for this class, I highly recommend this class, it is a great class! Here is the review for the class

Watercolor Card's Made Simple on Craftsy. This is the perfect class for all paper crafters you can see my class review here

Happy Creating!

E-A-S-Y Stamping with watercolor

Stamping and watercolor go well together, add flowers to the mix of it and we got a really good combination I think.

Often times cards don't need a lot of extra stuff, This card is a pretty easy card to create. If you are like me you already had some flowers stamped and cut waiting to be made into something. So if that's the case the card is practically done for you! If not drag out your Sizzix, watercolors, stamps and Dies!

I started with two card panels, one to stamp with watercolors, This is a great tutorial for stamping with watercolors from the Frugal Crafter Or if you are needing a better idea on how to stamp with watercolor (using watercolor pigments instead of ink) Take this class, My readers get a 20% discount With Angela Fehr's Creative Watercolor Class for paper crafters.

For the background I used Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks and then blended the blue, green and yellow with a wet brush, let it dry then took Tim Holtz dot grid stencil and took away some of the pigment to give it some texture.

For the Flowers, I watercolor stamped a flower set from Richard Garay with Kuretake Gansia Tambi watercolors (my favorite watercolors for cards.) Then added the flowers together to get a good arrangement of flowers onto the card, Add some bling to the middle and you are done!

My quick tip for making this card: Since you already have the materials and tools out, make a bunch of flowers at the same time, it will save you time later. I like to stamp and cut out 3-4 sets of extra flowers at a time so I have extras when I need some embellishments but don't want to go through all the work again for just one flower. I keep the color of the flowers fairly open-ended when it comes to it so I don't have a crazy color I am trying to work with. I keep with the pinks and yellows.

Can't you see this card being used for a summer wedding or anniversary?
Happy Creating!

To learn more about watercolor cards take an Online Class with Angela Fehr,  Here is a 20% off coupon for the class. Totally worth the time and money!

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Easy watercolor card that makes you look like a "real" artist

Here is the big secret: the stamp you use makes or break your card when using watercolor. I will show you how I use a Penny Black brush stroke stamp to make it look like it's watercolored.

It's easier than you may think!

This is one of my favorite stamps to use for so many different occasions. I love everything about it! So I had to do a tutorial on this! 

Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick and Peeled Paint ink pads
Spray bottle with water
The container of water for watercolor
Watercolor paper cut to 4.25x5.5
Small round brush (I like sizes 4-6)
Medium-large round brush (I used a size 12)
Craft mat for ink
Mounting tape, or foam tape
A2 card base.

Start by adding some of the peeled paint to the craft mat, spritz it with water.
Get your paper and stamp situated on the MISTI, I chose the flower to be the right center.

With your medium to large brush make a gradient wash on the watercolor paper with the peeled paint ink Your work/paint surfaces on the craft mat, not on the MISTI

Once your gradient wash is looking sheen, (semi-glossy, but not super wet) ink the stamp, start at the top and work your way down, I used Worn Lipstick for the flower and peeled paint for the steam.

Make sure that your gradient wash is dark value at the bottom so the pink stands out more at the top!

Stamp the flower onto the semi-glossy sheen watercolor paper, (you want the ink to bleed) That is how you get the watercolor look. Troubleshooting: If the ink didn’t bleed like you wanted it too: ink the flower again but this time spritz the stamp with a bit of water. The paper was too dry by the time you stamped it.

Play with the stamped flower, at this time you can add some darker tones to the flower, I used a small round brush and painted with worn lipstick ink onto some of the pedals that I thought could use some extra value, (don’t go overboard with this, spend less than a minute on this. The more you play the more unnatural it will look) On the flip side doing this adds depth to the flower.

Dry the paper, you want it to be bone dry (as dry as it can be.) I use a heat tool for this to speed up the process.

Now it’s time to ink the flower again in the same way before, pink for the flower, green for the steam. This helps give you more details about the flower. This is also a great time to stamp a sentiment if needed.

Do the stamping 2 more times where ever you want the flowers to be.

If needed at a sentiment stamp or die cut to the card and you are done!

To find out other great ideas on how to use water-soluble inks to use as watercolor check out 

How to learn more If you are like me and always love to learn more about watercolor cards there are two classes that I recommend you take:
Angela Fehr's Creative Watercolor class: This is a great class for anyone that wants to add watercolor to cards, art journaling, and Calligraphers.  This link will get you 20% off the class I am in the works of making a review for this class, I highly recommend this class, it is a great class! Here is the Class Review post

Watercolor Card's Made Simple on Craftsy. This is the perfect class for all paper crafters you can see my class review here

Happy Creating!

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Five minute Scenery cards

I love stamps that I can color in 5ish minutes. Click boom then it happens, and just like that, you have a nice card. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite cards I have made lately using some of my stamps that don't take to long to make along with some tips that help me use my time wisely. 

Stamped scenes are one of my favorite. I know a barn stamp seem peculiar, living in Iowa I have so many friends that use barn/farm stamps for note cards, thinking of you, and thank you cards. I love stamps when I can use a limited color pallet. I am always on the lookout for stamps that are easy to color that I can show my personal style with. This stamp is one of them that I can do that with. 

Silhouette Grazing Horse
Using Silhouette stamps really makes for a fun time to create! I love blending colors, this is a stamped card that can be used with a dramatic cloud effect. I love using watercolor but for sure you could also use ink blending. 

My tip for using Silhouette stamps would be to keep it simple, you want the stamp to be the main focus, The color is to enhance the stamped image.  

Painting the sky really is a 2-minute process, the more confident you paint your sky the fresher and looser it looks. you don't want to take up to much time fussing if you think the color is in the right place. I like telling my self, click boom then it happens...

Scenery stamps are really fun to paint, the work is already done for you, just start coloring. If you are not sure about water coloring, emboss your stamped image first, the embossing will help your paint stay in the lines. 

an oldie lighthouse stamp that my friend found for me at a garage sale. which reminds me I need to make some cards for her!

Smaller scenes stamps have a place in my heart too. I added some layers to the card, it works great for what was needed to tie the card together. When creating this card I had stamped it a couple times so I could have more than just on the card. I used different sentiments since scenery cards are fairly open-ended, you can make them into any type of card you need. That is why I am always drawn to scenery stamps. it's the art that makes the card, not all the extra do-dads. 

Thank you Blue Knight Stamps for sponsoring this blog post! They graciously gave me the Silhouette grazing horse stamp, Bank Barn, and Dirt road stamp to share with you! 

Creativity is Magical. An Artist's Sahm's(Stay at Home Mom's) Perspective during the summer time.

My kids next to a Grant Wood lithograph at the Des Moines Art Center. They love going to see the beautiful artwork.
Summer is so relaxed over at my house, as an artist I thrive on a routine and a schedule, which seems like something doctors, lawyers, and other "real" professionals do, but for me and my house, a routine and schedule really does help keep the creativity flow.

During the summer if I am not creating before 7 am, it's not getting done, that means waking up early and most likely going to be at a good time helps with the creativity. I also know that once my kids wake up my MoJo is sorta gone, I feel like although I love my kids my motivation to create anything other than PB&J is totally gone for the day.

As an artist Momma, how do you stay creative even when you don't have that time to create like you use to when they were in school (oh how I miss my creative time when the kidlets are in school!)

Here are some of my thoughts that I hope will help you see what I am talking about:

1. Share the Joy of creating: I think involving them in your work can help... but have realistic expectations that you are there to help them learn more about the creative process than you getting any real work done.

2. Use time wisely  On days like yesterday when we had every minute of our day planned (grocery store shopping, playing at our local water park with friends till it closed.) start the morning with your normal artist routine. After that I tell my self, ok, you had our creative thought process time, now it's the kids turn to have an artful mother in their life. For example, my morning routine was to get up, walk my dog, while walking I listened to classical music while thinking about my goals for the rest of the summer and July, it was a refreshing walk. Then painted for an hour, then had breakfast. I end my artist time with Breakfast if I can help it.

kids with Grant Wood.
3 Artist's Dates are so helpful. I love my artist's dates, it helps keep my work loose and I am happy when I am painting, so I take artists dates a lot. Artist's dates with kids usually means something they have been wanting to do that is very kid friendly that I want to do... that is key it's something that will help me remember what it's like to be a kid so when I am able to show up with my preferred medium in hand I am ready to not fear the page. Some fun ones this summer has been going to to the waterpark and playing in the wave pool, Going to a rose garden and the Art center, being part of my children's recital. having a dance party, watching an epic 80's movie that I grew up with. an artist date has helped me become a much happier mom. I encourage you to take your children to places that make you happy as an artist to share that joy with your children.

So if you are a Creative Momma like I am I hope that you take this summer to share the joy of creativity with your children. I think it's a tricky thing to balance creativity for your self and share that joy of creativity with your family when you're not getting the creative time you get when school is in session. But I do love that summer is all about family for us, and I wouldn't change that for anything. So bring on the long summer nights of playful laughter, silly stories, and good family times. Bring on the good morning mum, what are you painting this morning? Can I watch? can you show me? Wow, how did you do that? It looks like magic is it magic?

To which I reply, yes Creativity is magic.

Waterpark shinanigans 

4 year old finally took a nap! Yay for creative free time!

selfie, with one of my favorite kiddo!

backstage mom for recital

Grace Ballet recital, backstage

Pirate for Acrobatics for Grace Ballet

Enjoy the fun that summer brings!

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