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Starting a blog is all about dreaming, isn't it? I am all about loving who you are and loving what talents you have. Cultivating Creativity is something that is so individual as the person that uses creativity.

This blog is essentially my way to connect with other readers that are looking for an escape into the creative world- my creative world.

Grab a cup of your favorite herbal tea, and get lost in my creative world.

My goal is to motivate women, and girls to cultivate creativity in their lives, their family's lives and in their home.

On a weekly basis, you may find me teaching about a technique, or sharing information on an upcoming class I am teaching.

When I am not teaching I like to design, and inspire others to do what they "really" want to do!

I am also a student, I want to learn from you, everyone has something to share on my blog, so please leave comments and lots of questions!

Fall Beauty watercolor stamping Class preview

Penny Black has an amazing line of stamps for watercolorists! Brushstroke stamps are stunning! I love the way it makes you look like a "real" artist. This card is one of my favorites, it's simple and full of beauty, and it uses one of my favorite techniques, Negative painting with Starry Colors!

Take my class at Memory Bound to see how to get this effect, It's stamping the same stamp in 2 different positions, and using 2nd generation stamping to create the fun look! Click here to see the details of this class, I am crazy excited to share my love of watercolor stamping with you, even more, excited to share with you 9 different techniques in this class!

Summer Trees

I love the inspiration that trees give me, Trees are like good friends, they are strong, fortifying, edifying, giving beauty to the world because that is what they are made to do. This summer I was challenged to paint every day, and most days I either painted trees or a study of a part of a tree, lots of color mixing and color charts, texture charts, different ways to paint leaves and warm up exercises helped me to paint looser while painting such a beautiful subject!

 I was able to paint outside while my kids were playing, which in my mind was key to me learning how to compose a good tree on paper. Time spent outside being immersed in a beautiful subject matter changed my perspective on how to paint trees. My goal this summer was to be able to paint a structure of a tree well so that when the leaves are beautiful in the fall I have all those brush miles counted to paint something I could be proud of. I truly want to thank Angela Fehr for the Summer Challenge, Her insights to painting in watercolor have helped me understand how to paint a brighter summer!

warm up  and playing around

Getting to know what you like about painting trees and doing some fun color mixing on the paper is fun, For the greens, I like using Hookers green, green gold, and turquoise to get some beautiful deep greens. 

Yes, I know these trees are still a long way from being perfect but the expressiveness in the brush strokes makes me happy! I love sketching trees, every time I sketch a pine tree it always turns out a bit different!

Study of a summer Pine tree

Warm up of a sketched pine tree
study of a summer tree

Expressive summer Tree

Green gold and turquoise color play in the tree

study of a memory rain swept the landscape

Trending now: Stamped watercolor cards

After doing this card for World Watercolor month and For Memory Bounds Make and take, I had to buy like 5 more different brush stroke stamps from Penny Black! I am a Huge fan!

The card was used in Memory Bound July Make-n-Take

Tim Holtz Worn Lipstick and Peeled Paint ink pads
Spray bottle with water
Container of water for watercolor
Watercolor paper cut to 4.25x5.5
Small round brush (I like sizes 4-6)
Medium-large round brush (I used a size 12)
Craft mat for ink
Mounting tape, or foam tape
A2 card base.

Start by adding some of the peeled paint to the craft mat, spritz it with water.
Get your paper and stamp situated on the MISTI, I chose the flower to be the right center.

With your medium to large brush make a gradient wash on the watercolor paper with the peeled paint ink Your work/paint surfaces on the craft mat, not on the MISTI

Once your gradient wash is looking sheen, (semi-glossy, but not super wet) ink the stamp, start at the top and work your way down, I used Worn Lipstick for the flower and peeled paint for the steam.

Make sure that your gradient wash is dark value at the bottom so the pink stands out more at the top!

Stamp the flower onto the semi-glossy sheen watercolor paper, (you want the ink to bleed) That is how you get the watercolor look. Troubleshooting: If the ink didn’t bleed like you wanted it too: ink the flower again but this time spritz the stamp with a bit of water. The paper was too dry by the time you stamped it.

Play with the stamped flower, at this time you can add some darker tones to the flower, I used a small round brush and painted with worn lipstick ink onto some of the pedals that I thought could use some extra value, (don’t go overboard with this, spend less than a minute on this. The more you play the more unnatural it will look) On the flip side doing this adds depth to the flower.

Dry the paper, you want it to be bone dry (as dry as it can be.) I use a heat tool for this to speed up the process.

Now it’s time to ink the flower again in the same way before, pink for the flower, green for the steam. This helps give you more details for the flower. This is also a great time to stamp a sentiment if needed.

Do the stamping 2 more times where ever you want the flowers to be.

If needed at a sentiment stamp or die cut to the card and you are done!

I am entering this card into the Penny Black Saturday Challenge Blog and at this Blog post from the Card Concept, as a clean and graphic style. 

To find out other great ideas on how to use water-soluble inks to use as watercolor checkout 

How to learn more If you are like me and always love to learn more about watercolor cards there are two classes that I recommend you take:
Angela Fehr's Creative Watercolor class: This is a great class for anyone that wants to add watercolor to cards, art journaling, and Calligraphers.  This link will get you 20% off the class I am in the works of making a review for this class, I highly recommend this class, it is a great class! Here is the Class Review post

Watercolor Card's Made Simple on Craftsy. This is the perfect class for all paper crafters you can see my class review here

Happy Creating!

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